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My name is Josilyn Holly Vassau! I have been married to the best man for about a year now! Being married is the best thing that has ever happened to me! But we will save all of that for another time.

My birthday is December 25th. And YES, I love it! People always ask me “Do you hate having your birthday on Christmas?” “Do you feel like you get jipped on presents?” Here are my answers to those questions.

1. I absolutely love having my birthday on the same day as our Lord and Savior! What a special day to share with the most important person in my life. Also, everyone is always so happy around Christmas! It really is the BEST time of year!! Also, I don’t know anything different.. Haha so I might as well enjoy it.

2. Yes and no. There are plenty of people that say, “Here this present is for your birthday and for Christmas” and for a long time I felt suuuuuper jipped. But now I am just so grateful for anything I get. Even just remembering that it’s my birthday is special to me 🙂 Also, my parents do an amazing job at making me feel special on my day. I have a “birthday tree” that I get my birthday gifts under, and I get everything else under the Christmas tree just like everyone else. It’s so fun 🙂 Also fun fact: my middle name is Holly because of my birthday!

I have the greatest family in the world. Including my in-laws! My mom and dad are named Valerie and Keven. My mom does hair in a cute little salon in our basement, and my dad is a computer programmer. I have two brothers, Blake and Hayden. Blake is going to BYU and Hayden is a junior in high school. They are two of my very best friends. I also have two cats- Socks and Peep. I am OBSESSED WITH CATS. I always have been.. and I forever will be. My in-laws are made up of about 15 incredible humans of which you can see more of if you follow me on Instagram!

My husband is my very best friend in the whole entire world. Being married is THA BEST. His name is Parker, and he goes to school at Brigham Young University studying business management, and is the hardest worker I know. He is the guy I always dreamed of marrying. Tall, dark, handsome, genuine, kind, loving, hard-working, honestly I could go on forever. Park has it all, and I am the luckiest girl in the world!

I graduated from Utah Valley University in December of 2016. I loved my time there, but I love my job more!

I am the Jr Marketing Manager/Social Media Coordinator for Bella Lash! It’s the most perfect job for me!!


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