Summertime Forever

July 31, 2017

If you don’t know by now, SUMMER IS MY FAVORITE TIME OF THE YEAR. It literally doesn’t get better. I love the heat, I love the sun, and I love the long days. I don’t know why summers have to come and go so quickly… There’s simply not enough time to do every activity that I want to do!!

I remember my favorite summer… it was 3 summers ago (the same summer I met Parker!) I got EVERYTHING on my bucketlist checked off. Over 150 things. Done. Not even lying.

Best. Thing. Ever.


Soel Beauty is a company that I worked very closely with for awhile and they are all about At Home Spray Tanning. I LOVE their solution. Because of my olive skin tone, I had never had a spray tan before, but I was offered a free one and jumped on that quickly! (It was in the dead of winter, and much needed!) I was super nervous because of the stigma of spray tans, but it looked SO GOOD. Also, it was the easiest, quickest thing ever. You’ll have to check them out. Here is their website! And Instagram. And Facebook. Soooo basically it can be summer all year long for you <3




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