Pretty in Pink

May 23, 2017


Suuuuper excited to blog about this shoot!

This was one of my most FAVORITE collaborations I have ever been a part of. It was for the Utah Valley Bride Magazine!

Everyone I worked with at this shoot was a dream. Kylee did my hurr. Kelly did my face. My gorgeous gown was from Harlow Brides. THE FLOWERS were from Over the Top Events (like… oh my). And finally, the beautiful photos… McKenzie Deakins! She is SO FUN. I have been following her on Instagram for quite some time now, and I was dying to shoot with her. She was nothing short of amazing, and we had such a fun day together! I was sooo sad when we were done… 1. Because I had to wait approx. 3 months to get my photos back, and 2. Because I felt like I was leaving my new friends!


On another note, it warmed up in Salem, Oregon this week… like more drastic than Utah (maybe). Last week it was rainy and in the 50’s! This week… 90! NINETY. I guess the only reason why I’m not stoked is because we don’t have AC. My life is really hard, obviously.


I love Oregon, though! And I love you guys. Thanks for following along.


XO, Jos

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