May 1, 2017


I completely understand that it’s been FIVE months since I’ve posted on here. I know how badly you want to know what’s going on in my life, sorry for being lame! Jk but for real.

I was dying to give my blog a little makeover, you know, fuller lips and a bigger butt kind of thing… and eyelash extensions… like my job. Which is the sole reason why I haven’t been able to give my bloggy a little pampering.

I am the Jr. Marketing Manager/Social Media Coordinator for Bella Lash! An eyelash extension supplier. It’s literally the best. job. ever. And it consumes most of my life, so my blog has definitely suffered.

I finally have a renewed sense of motivation and so it’s happening!!! YAY.

So if you didn’t already know… I’m kind of obsessed with my lover. We have almost been married for ONE YEAR. WHAT! That blows my mind. We know everything there is to know about marriage now. Ha.

So, to celebrate the week of our anniversary… here are some pretty photos from a shoot I did with my good friend Hillary! She is the besttttt. I also work with her. So that’s cool too.

She made this a comfortable experience for Parker. Notice how I said comfortable… He’s not the kind of hubs that enjoys photo shoots. It wasn’t enjoyable per say… but comfortable. She made it so much fun, and when we got the photos back he kept saying, “We should frame this one! And this one! And this one! Oh, and this one, too!” We love them all, and I loved doing this cute little styled shoot!


Glad I’m back 🙂 Kisses!




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