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November 10, 2016


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Yay for skincare!!

I have an obsession with all things skincare, and I always feel the need to try EVERY. LITTLE. THING. With that being said…… my skin is the BAIN of my existence. Honestly, I am really picky with my face products, so it’s a big deal when I like something.

Aaaaaaaand I have found my favorite facemask BY FAR!! Just ask my husband… I’m always trying weird things on my face! And this is my all time favorite!

Lucca Blu!!! (Their site is currently under construction… but here is their Instagram!)

First off… their packaging is so simple and so sleek. That is something that is really important to me, because I like pretty things! It sounds funny but it’s true… I feel like I am much more willing to try (and to love) a product if the packaging is pleasing to my eye!

Am I right?! Or am I right?

The thing I love most is that Lucca Blu’s face masks are Biomedical Collagen, moisturizing, and rejuvenating. Most products I try, are to clear acne. But this one is to tighten and brighten your skin!! And it seriously works!! I love love love it. Every evening that I do it, I wake up looking so much better!

So, for best results, it says to cleanse and dry your face. I like to apply some toner right before to remove any excess oil. (I have been cursed with extremely oily skin… hence the acne issues.)

Oh, also, ps. It has better results if you keep it in the fridge. That’s one of my favorite parts about it, because it’s so refreshing on the skin!

Next, you apply the mask, and press firmly to the skin so it stays. Keep it on for 15-20 minutes.

After you remove the mask, you are supposed to massage your face with your fingertips. For best results, wait 8 hours to rinse your face. (That’s why I do it right before bed!)

I can’t wait for you to try it!! <3 I have heard nothing but good, and I will add my testimony to that!

This product is BOMB.


XOXO     {J}


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